Wright Sprouts

Mushroom Blue pea & Feta Risotto

Ingredients : 

Wright Sprouts Blue Pea Sprouts

600 ml Chicken or Vegetable Stock

50 ml Olive oil

2 cloves garlic chopped

50 ml white wine

150 gm Arborio Rice

1 tsp thyme chopped

2 tbsp parsley chopped

2 tbsp fresh taragon chopped

30 gm feta cheese

1/2 lemon or lime

30 gm dried mushrooms 

10 field mushrooms, darker the better diced

40 gm parmesan grated

2-3 knobs of butter - Optional

Salt & Pepper


Heat the stock in pot and add the dried mushrooms and any trimings from the field mushrooms, bring to the boil and boil for 5 minutes then allow to cool.

Strain and remove the mushrooms and chop, now add these back to the stock.

Heat a wok and add the olive oil and sweat the onions and garlic. Add the arborio rice then cook a few minutes, with no colour.

Now add the wine and cook a further few minites stiring as it cooks. Cook for around 15 minutes adding a spoonful of stock every few minutes as it is required to keep the moisture up do not allow to become dry.

While this is cooking in another hot pan saute` diced field mushrooms for 2 minutes, season and sprinke with the thyme saving a small amount for final garnish.

Stir through the herbs, cheeses, mushrooms and Blue pea sprouts, season with salt and pepper and lemon. Add extra butter for a richness if you want.

This is a very rich flavorful dish I don't use the extra butter but this is all down to you, so taste before you add.