Wright Sprouts

Stone-fruit Smoothie Bowl

Stonefruit Smoothie

with Blackcurrant & Fig Muesli &

Raw Coconut Yoghurt


Equipment Needed:

Blender, Food Thermometer, Large Jar, Chilly Bin or Esky for incubation, Cheese Cloth or Muslin, Sieve. Pot and large bowl that fits well inside the pot and doesn't wobble

Raw Coconut Yoghurt ( make the day before)


1 can coconut milk

1 can coconut Cream

1 yoghurt culture ( this can be 1 TBSP coconut yoghurt or a dry cuture)


Put the milk and cream into the bowl, place bowl into the pot that is half full of water, on the element to heat, this works as a double boiler, using a food thermometer gently warm the coconut to 40 degrees.

When this temperature is met, remove from heat, add the culture and stir, transfer this mixture to a large jar.

Make a water bath in the chilly bin, needs to be 40 degrees, put jar into the bath, lid the bath, and leave for 12-24 hours. Check the temperature is still at 40 degrees every 5 hours or so.

If you leave your yoghurt for 24 hours it will be more sour like a greek style. If you prefer a sweeter style then you can add a tsp of sweetener of your choice.

Put the cheese cloth over a sieve in a bowl, when yoghurt is ready, take out of the bath and pour into the cheese cloth, allow the whey to separate for 10 minutes.

Transfer the yoghurt into a glass jar, seal and refrigerate. The whey should also be jarred and refrigerated, this whey is great to replace water in smoothie recipes.

Stonefruit Smoothie Bowl


4-5 Black Doris plums

2 Golden Queen peaches

4 Tbsp Wright Sprouts Blackcurrant & Fig Muesli

4 Tbsp coconut yoghurt ( extra for the top)

Few berries for garnish


Place sliced, stoned plums in the blender and blend to form a puree, pour into serveing glasses, rince blender and remove all rince water.

Arange the yoghurt on top of the plum puree.

Place sliced, stoned peaches in the blender and blend to form a puree, pour into serveing glasses.

Spoon over the Blackcurrant and Fig Muesli two Tbsp per glass, then top with a dollop of coconut yoghurt and berries to garnish.

Serving 2-3

NB: The coconut yoghurt makes this vegan and twice as yummy as regular yoghurt. The consistancey of this dish is very thick if you want to make it thinner use the whey from the yoghurt to thin it to your taste.